This is a record of  the follow-up in 2011 to my 2010 ride from Saint Malo to Narbonne (see: I conceived the idea of riding the length of the Loire in response to reading Graham Robb’s book The Discovery of France as I was planning the 2010 trip. To see this year’s blog which records a ride along the Rhine Cycle Way go to

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In the end, I decided to stop at Saumur partly because of the logistical difficulties and time constraints involved in getting back to the car that I had to leave in the Auvergne, and partly because I knew the section from Saumur to Saint Nazaire already and didn’t much fancy cycling it. I stopped 200 kilometres short of riding the entire course of the Loire, but the 1000 I covered were quite satisfying enough.

This year’s trip was tougher than last year’s because of a couple of health problems.

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